The BrainDance


The brain explodes with energy during early childhood. Billions of brain cells are stimulated, dendrites branch out, and synapses create countless neural connections. The brain learns fastest and most efficiently during the early years. Novelty, repetition, and stimulation lay the foundation for later learning. An enriched environment with plenty of movement, multi-arts experiences, appropriate challenges, timely and positive feedback, good nutrition, and caring adults will continue the growth of a fully functioning and healthy human body and mind.

Research has shown that movement during learning helps to strengthen neural pathways and enhance learning. In addition to integrating the arts in the classroom, our enriching dance and drama-based curriculum helps to build skills in early literacy, social studies, math and science as well as to build important social skills. It also makes learning fun and helps to build confidence in children who feel shy about participating in a group setting.

The BrainDance, developed by renowned dance educator and author, Anne Green Gilbert, sequences through the eight fundamental movement patterns of early human development, which wire the central nervous system.

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Exploring rhythm and with a partner dance

Exploring rhythm and with a partner dance